Circular SEC-C01-16 {Notification Of Changes To The Financial Services Commission – Securities Division}

Notification of changes to the Financial Services Commission – Securities Division
The Securities Act, Cap. 318A and Mutual Funds Act, Cap. 320B require regulated entities to report or provide notification to the Financial Services Commission (Commission) in respect of various types of changes. In addition there are other circumstances where notification to the Commission is prudent or desirable.
In order to streamline the notification process for regulated entities, templates relating to a number of changes including change of address, change of auditor and change of relevant officers have been developed. These templates are available on the Commission’s website, in the Securities section, under “Forms”.
Reference should always be made to the legislation to confirm any deadlines or further requirements that apply to notifications of changes.
Completed notification documents should be sent:
 Via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or
 Via post to:
ATTN: Securities Division
Financial Services Commission
Suites 301 & 302, Building 4
Harbour Industrial Park
Barbados. BB11142